Courses & Programs

Looking for opportunities to expand your knowledge and prepare for a rapidly changing job market?

The Online Learning Initiative partners with the University of Pennsylvania’s twelve schools to advance the development and delivery of online learning, creating flexible options for learners across the globe. Search for credit and non-credit experiences on Penn's Online Learning Platform and create a customized path to help you gain new skills no matter where you live.

Choosing the right option(s) for you

You have lots options for learning online at the University of Pennsylvania. Each of the University’s twelve schools offers experiences that help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Looking to build a specific skill in a short amount of time? A MOOC (massive open online course), Specialization, or Series might be the right path for you. 

Interested in a deeper exploration of a topic where you earn university credit? A degree or for-credit certificate might fit your needs.

Before exploring all of the course options, think about what you’d like to get out of the experience and what type of experience best fits your life. 

Keep in mind that all of these options can be combined and, in some instances, build on each other.

Learning Experiences

background imageDegrees & Certificates: Earn a degree or incorporate for credit experiences into your course of study

background imageNon-Credit Certificates: Explore topics deeply without earning University of Pennsylvania credit

background imageContinuing Education Units: Satisfy professional development requirements tailored to your field

background imageMOOCs: Focus on a specific skill or topic in a 4-6 module (week) non-credit course

background imageSeries & Specializations: Dive deeper into skills or topics over a series of non-credit courses usually completed in 3-6 months

background imageMicrocredentials: Follow a path that can lead to credit towards a degree


Create your own learning pathway