Faculty & Online Teams

Leverage the Online Learning Initiative team’s expertise.

The Online Learning Initiative helps faculty and course teams explore a broad range of online teaching opportunities. Meet with the team to learn more about our resources and start showcasing your teaching to learners all over the world. 

Online Learning Initiative’s resources help you establish timelines, plan realistic budgets, and navigate or establish policies. The OLI team is ready to discuss strategies for creating partnerships and working with vendors, supporting students across their learning trajectory, and targeting and connecting with your specific audience. In addition to providing faculty and course team support, OLI helps you incorporate best practices in learning design, think through program and course assessment, and examine student support strategies.

PennKey Accessible Resources

Resources and Strategies for Teaching Remotely

Currently, classes at the University of Pennsylvania are in session and are expected to meet as scheduled. The Center for Teaching and Learning and the Online Learning Initiative have created information to help faculty, instructors, and TAs prepare to teach remotely should they need to.