Learn How Generosity Can Promote Healthier and Happier Living

August 6, 2021
By Courtney Perales

New on PennX! The Science of Generosity: Do Good...Feel Good

What does it mean to be generous? Can giving make you happier and healthier? The Science of Generosity: Do Good...Feel Good can help you answer these questions and more. In this course, Dr. Femida Handy, Professor and Director, PhD in Social Welfare Program in the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, invites you to explore the many facets of generosity by looking closely at the meanings, traits, and motivations behind giving behaviors across communities and cultures. Enroll in The Science of Generosity: Do Good...Feel Good and learn how you can give more effectively in your daily life.  

Dr. Handy, whose research interests include volunteering and its effect on health, global philanthropy, and corporate social responsibility, leads you through an investigation of how generosity contributes to happiness and well-being and provides low cost, in terms of both time and money, activities that support you in expanding your giving behavior. 

In a lecture on the various entry points into living a generous life during the second module of the course, Dr. Femida Handy shares, “[You can start] practicing to be good in small steps, whatever you can manage, even if you don't have resources. A friendly genuine smile, an uplifting good morning, and a sincere compliment. There are many costless ways of doing good, of empowering others, [and of] just recognizing [that] our shared humanity is powerful.”  

Trailer slide featuring people volunteering and smiling

In this course, you’ll explore topics such as the “warm glow” and what happens in your brain when you engage in giving behaviors. You’ll have a chance to examine the role of empathy and reflect on how you are already “doing good” in your life. You’ll also discuss how and why you give and gain new perspectives on how to increase the impact of your generous acts with other like-minded peers.  

As an Online Learning Initiative Innovation MOOC, Do Good...Feel Good continues the tradition of experimentation in online learning by focusing on new pedagogical strategies, technologies, and approaches to understanding and acting in more generous ways. Innovation MOOCs represent an opportunity to push the boundaries of conventional teaching methods and provide learners with dynamic educational experiences. Along this thread, Do Good...Feel Good includes structured steps and best practices throughout the modules to help you begin to experiment with various methods of giving and cultivating a general practice of generosity in your life.  

Whether you are interested in learning how to enhance your current philanthropic efforts or develop a more generous mindset in general, Do Good...Feel Good has resources and lessons that are applicable to anyone who is interested in giving. 

Enroll in The Science of Generosity: Do Good...Feel Good today and learn how you can maximize your giving potential, give back to your community, and live a more fulfilled life.