Learning Technology: 2021 Faculty Info Session

December 15, 2021
By Dr. Rebecca Stein & Courtney Perales

The Online Learning Initiative’s Executive Director Rebecca Stein was the keynote speaker at Penn Dental Medicine’s 2021 Learning Technology Faculty Information Session. She discussed how Penn’s decade of experience in online teaching and degrees, and the skills, tools, and relationships that were already in place, were leveraged during the pandemic.

She summarized insights from student surveys who were asked to reflect on what helped them learn best in the online format. Students recommended making a schedule, reaching out to course instructors, and cultivating virtual socializing with their peers. They highlighted the importance of clear faculty communication, well-organized content, and scaffolded assessments.

Looking ahead, Dr. Stein highlighted the ways that professors are bringing innovation back to the classroom to increase engagement and learning outcomes.

Beyond Remote Teaching Presentation slide