Faculty Advisory Committee

The Online Learning Faculty Advisory Committee provides a faculty perspective on important strategic decisions related to online learning. They meet several times a semester, reviewing new policies, evaluating new program and course proposals, and insuring that faculty from across the university are actively involved in steering Penn’s online ventures.


  • Peter Decherney, Professor of English and Cinema Studies, School of Arts & Sciences (Chair)
  • Regina Austin, William A. Schnader Professor of Law, Law School
  • Ryan Baker, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
  • Tom Daniels, Professor of City and Regional Planning, PennDesign
  • Al Filreis, Kelly Professor of English, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Peter Frumkin, Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice
  • Zvi Gellis, Professor, School of Social Policy & Practice
  • Uri Hangorsky, Clinical Professor of Periodontics, School of Dental Medicine
  • Zachary Herrmann, Director, Project-Based Learning Certificate Program, Associated Faculty Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division
  • Sarah Kagan, Lucy Walker Honorary Term Professor of Gerontological Nursing, School of Nursing
  • Jessa Lingel, Assistant Professor of Communication, Annenberg School for Communication
  • Ethan Mollick, Edward B. and Shirley R. Shils Assistant Professor of Management, The Wharton School
  • Sampath Kannan, Henry Salvatori Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Jagmohan Raju, Joseph J. Aresty Professor, The Wharton School
  • Connie Scanga, Practice Professor of Nursing, Penn Nursing
  • R. Polk Wagner, Professor of Law, Law School