Virtual Conference CFP: Beyond Zoom – Promise and Reality of XR

April 14, 2021
By Courtney Perales

A sequel to last year’s “Beyond Zoom: XR For Teaching and Research in the COVID-19 Era,” this conference continues to explore the role of augmented or virtual reality (known as AR and VR respectively, and XR collectively) in remote teaching, learning, and research.  

“XR technology stimulates real-world scenarios and encourages learners to approach course topics in different ways.” - Dr. Samantha Gorman, Keynote Speaker 

Conference speakers will present their work in the form of 5-minute “lightning” talks on the current reality of XR and the promise it holds for the future in virtual learning spaces. These talks will reference the role that XR could play in response to changing world events like COVID-19, social polarization, and erosion of trust in scientific research and communication. 

“There are many things you can do using AR and VR that you can’t do in a real lab or a studio. It adds value to the classroom experience.” - Dr. Peter Decherney, University of Pennsylvania 

From last year’s Beyond Zoom conference, it became clear that XR could be applied to various disciplines and provide learners with experiences that are not achievable in a traditional classroom environment. Its broad applicability has resulted in XR being spoken about as either a solution for or contributor to any number of challenges in higher education.  

This time around participants will hear about creators’ expectations when they began a project, their experiences using XR, and where they believe the future of XR is going.